The implementation of successful international sales strategy and realization of global sales is the key driver of the long-term growth and development of your company. By unlocking the new export markets the company is able to realize higher turnover, profit and ensure sales sustainability.

We offer wide range of global trade and export services. We help to create external marketing strategies and conquer new export markets. We perform market research analysis and help to find new potential global trade partners. We help to organize all the activities that are needed for new export brand development and make the necessary product adjustments for the specific export market.

Throughout many years we have gained extensive experience in the international trade markets and developed a network of trustworthy and valuable trade partners in various countries worldwide. In cooperation with our export partners we constantly focus on the increase of the international sales and global competitiveness.


External marketing strategy

We identify the potential export markets and help to find potential trade partners that includes the identification of the most appropriate sales channels and verticals. We help to determine accurate and competitive product pricing.

International trade strategy

We prepare a detailed plan and timeline of all export activities such as product production and packing, the organization of transport and logistics, marketing and promotion.

Market research and analysis

We perform market research and identify the most attractive export markets according to the demand, consumer behavior, future trends and market forecasts in the particular country.

Product adjustments

We help to prepare product for the international markets which includes developing a proper design and packaging of the product, using correct labeling and appropriate ingredients for the production of the product.

Order preparation

We identify the volumes of the export order and supervise the terms of the product production based on the available production capacity in the company. We help to develop appropriate foreign trade contracts. We supervise the delivery of the order.

International trade fairs

We help to prepare all the necessary documentation to receive financing from Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) that covers part of the expenses from the company participation in international exhibitions and trade delegations.


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